Why should you be nuts about N.U.T.Z ?

N.U.T.Z. is a Metroidvania style game that incorporates elements of a shooting platformer.

The player controls a single character on screen that can carry a variety of different weapons and can freely aim and attack in a 360 radius. We plan to support both mouse+keyboard and controller setups. The game will feature collectible upgrades for weapons and armor that are located throughout the levels. They will enhance the characters abilities and enable them to access areas in previous levels that they could not and unlock new abilities.​

The final game will present non-linear level progression. After completing some of the starting stages the player will have the freedom of choice to choose where you want to go similar to the overworld style in games like Shovel knight.

Our game presents a unique artstyle apart from other indie games that are released. While most focus on pixel art of the 8bit or 16 bit era we've decided to apprach this from a different angle. Our artist was inspired from the artstyle from "My Life as a Teenage Robot" and infused the artwork with much of its inspration.

One of our goals is to bring back some classical couch multiplayer. Wether it be a campaign co-op or multiplayer deathmatch we're getting back in touch with our roots. While the internet has achieve a degree of flexibility and ease of use in uniting people together we think it's certainly great to play with friends in the same room. However if better funding should be aquired in the future there is certainly consideration for internet multiplayer.

The Story:

There exists a peaceful world in a far away galaxy. The Planet “Zarda”
is a utopia, where all live in harmony and balance with themselves and
the planet. Centuries of peace among its nations have lead to
disarmament and have long done away with improving or maintaining their military power. However, this would have repercussions as the world comes under attack by an alien menace. The sudden invasion of the nomadic reptilian invaders known as the Saurian Empire catches the defense force of the planet off guard. They aren't prepared to fight a proper military force that has been fighting for centuries, one that
consumes the resources and living beings of any planet unfortunate
enough to stand in its way.

Sil and Saya, our game's protagonists come under attack at an outpost. With their comrades dead and the defense forces in disarray they takethe fight to the enemy themselves. Along the way they'll meet newfriends and enemies, and discover the ancient secrets of the world while they battle for survival of the fittest.